Certification training in Time Line Therapy® and Introduction to Hypnosis for Performance. A three day course to extend your scope of practice and professional development.

ABH & TLT® association approved.

Open to all certified NLP Practitioners. Requires NLP Practitioner Certificate from an approved training company.

Learn how to take the emotional charge off negative emotions, deal with limiting decisions and beliefs and how to harness the power of the unconscious mind to assist yourself and others to perform at your peak without emotional blocks and baggage.

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Time Line Therapy®

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“A really worthwhile addition to my skills, even though I didn’t think it was relevant to my sports coaching. I found the hypnosis fascinating, and it altered my opinion (which was bit negative to start) of how I could use it with my players and it’s something I will use 100%”
Sam Cooke, FA Football Coach and Tutor