There's no doubt things are difficult, and firstly we want people to be well

Staying away from others is, for the time being, the sensible option based on what the science tells us, and there's no denying that this will be a challenging time ahead, but it also gives us great opportunities too.
So if you find;
  • you are at home self-isolating with extra time
  • you want to use some of that time to improve your skills base
  • you know using your time wisely is right for you
  • you believe that having more skills when you do go back to work will help
  • you know that doing something productive and worthwhile will help you to stay sane and engaged
  • you know that things happen for a reason and you can either take a glass half empty view or a glass half full

Then if any or all of the above apply to you, and you're prepared to commit to your personal and professional development in this time ...

...we can help you with that by offering our online NLP Sport courses at the lowest price ever offered.

It's not something to take lightly but if you're interested in this area, now might be the best time ever to get this done whilst you have time on your hands and a low cost investment in your CPD.

These prices will be available from Saturday March 21st and we'll continuously monitor the situation in relation to student numbers as we go along.

The courses are exactly the same as the full price: nothing taken away and no removing of benefits.

We've made it simple too. Choose the course you want, book on line and your payments will be spread out over 4 months.

Prices start at £40.

To take advantage of this offer, along with your coupon code and a course brochure please fill in the orange form on this page.

You're under no obligation to buy, and our money back guarantee stays the same as always, so no worries there.

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"I started the NLP Sports Practitioner online course earlier in the year 2018, after the first module I was captured. I found the content fascinating and the methods to learn the content covered every aspect of my learning style. From a support and response perspective, all the staff at Inside Performance were professional and extremely helpful. I found doing the 3 days at the end really worked for me to cement in the techniques and cover any questions from my learning that I needed to clarify. All in all the course was perfect for my needs and I now feel I can start my new career in NLP Sports. I have booked further courses with Inside Performance which is a sentiment to how fantastic Louise Deeley is as a trainer and how Inside Performance is the best in this field of expertise for NLP in Sport. Thank you Louise and all your team for a mind blowing experience. See you on the next course." Clare x, UK