Since 2003 our aim has remained the same …

… helping people to get the best out of themselves and the teams they perform with.

Inside Performance started with a combination of  tried and tested NLP tools and techniques, combined with the knowledge and research basis of Sport and Exercise Psychology. We added the essential focus of Emotional Intelligence approaches, taking the best of what we knew worked, creating our highly acclaimed development programmes for elite sport. We realised everyone in sport could benefit, making the assessible to all, and within a few short years, we were the ‘go to’ company for training some of the the worlds top Coaches, Athletes, Performance Directors and a wide range of professionals from across the world of sport.
Word spread, and soon we were delivering these skills in businesses across the spectrum, using the performance related aspects gained from sport and making them accessible to those in business searching for ways in which to access the thinking, feeling and behaving of high performance for their leaders, teams and individuals.
Today our aim stays the same – helping you, your teams and your organisations to adopt the approaches we know work, in a way that works better … for you.

Meet The Team

  • Louise


    Founder and Head Honcho

    Louise is the original founder of Inside Performance™ Consulting, a successful Performance Coach and Mentor, an experienced Trainer and Speaker, BPS Chartered Psychologist, Sport Scientist and Performance and Wellness Specialist. She is also a specialist trader coach and former Senior Lecturer at Roehampton University London.

  • Nigel Stockill

    Nigel Stockill


    Nige is a highly experienced Sport and Exercise Scientist with a background in Elite Sport Physiology and more latterly Health, Wellness and Performance. Bringing not only a depth of knowledge and know-how, his warmth, love of life and natural enthusiasm is infectious, inspiring colleagues and clients alike!

  • Sam

    Head of all things numerical

    Sam is our safe hands when it comes to all things financial! She keeps everyone happy by making sure everything to do with numbers is as it should be. Sam has been with us almost since the start and is the one to ask when if comes to sorting out the finances!

  • Rachel

    Head of all things supportive

    Rachel is proving a great addition to the team, running the office and generally keeping Louise in check! Admin, emails, offering advice about courses – anything about dates, prices and support – Rachel's your woman!

  • Matt

    Head of all things technical

    Matt is our technical wizz kid! Everything related to technology and online courses, Matt is numero uno in sorting out those niggles and ensuring that everyone stays calm and no computers get thrown at the wall. An Inside Performance champion, Matt has been with us from the outset, and any whispers of moving on always require large amounts of chocolate and cake!


Hats off to …

In praise of our amazing delegates from total beginners in sport to the worlds top coaches and sporting organisations

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