Are you searching for practical tried & tested sport psychology techniques to achieve greater success?

Do you want approved & accredited CPD courses & development opportunities to enhance your ability to coach, manage & perform?

Are you serious about taking your Sport and Performance to the next level?

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NLP and Sports Psychology Services

  • NLP Courses

    Accreditation and Bespoke CPD

    For those looking to further develop their practitioner skills in sport and fitness, specifically around the psychology, communication and state management areas of performance.

    Our NLP Courses
  • Online Courses

    Training that suits you

    For those wanting the benefits of our NLP and Sport Psychology expertise with the flexibility of an on-line training that can be taken at a place, time and pace that suits you.

    NLP for Sport On-Line
  • One to One Sessions


    For those wanting specific, tailored 1-2-1 sessions with a qualified Sport Psychologist and/or NLP Practitioner  - either as an athlete or for professional coaching on a performance related area.

    One to One Sessions Overview

Sport has changed.

Rewards are greater. Demands higher. Margins tighter.
Those who are serious adapt. Those who understand respond.
Those at the top of their game, strive to stay there.
We have ... have you?
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