Master Practitioner Written Testimonials

People we’ve Inspired

Years of experience in delivering personal development programmes and consultancy to a wide range of organisations, governing bodies, corporate business’ and individuals in sport, business and life has created a wave of personal success. We are thankful to be able to share some of the feelings our customers have put on paper after completing a course.

  • I found the course content extremely useful. Having completed an NLP Practitioner course before, I found this course put my knowledge in place, deepening my understanding about the subject and I feel I can use it with confidence now. Louise’s friendly style made the class enjoyable, fun and motivating. I am thankful for her as she inspired me in a lot of ways. Great teacher!

    GK, Martial Arts Coach and Fitness Advisor
  • The practical nature and Louise’s style really allowed me to achieve maximum benefit from the course. It makes me feel excited about the new potential I feel I now have

    Kathryn Rudd, Partnership Development Manager
  • The course content is well considered, prepared and delivered to a demandingly high standard. Louise makes learning an experiential pleasure and I would recommend the course to anyone, unreservedly

    Peter Wright, D.Hyp
  • The NLP course has been a fascinating journey into discovering ways of improving my performance. I have no doubt that the skills and knowledge I have learned will help me enormously in my role

    Hugh Morris, Managing Director, England and Wales Cricket Board
  • An extremely professional and valuable course, brilliantly delivered. My initial scepticism soon turned into immense satisfaction! It's made me realise how much I have to learn!

    Pauline Harrison, Coach and Consultant
  • I have absolutely no hesitation recommending this course. On so many levels, personal, social & professional, this course delivers. For me it has been a fantastic and eternally valuable experience and will be for many others after me

    Glenn Robertson, Goalkeeping Specialist & Product Inventor
  • I feel like I've learnt a new language!

    Suzi Spink, Management Consultant
  • We were a small group, with the same trainer throughout. This produced a dynamic, personal and supportive learning environment. Louise Deeley's knowledge, enthusiasm, energy and commitment to her students made this the best training I have ever attended!

    John Sullivan, Sports Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner
  • Watching Louise work is inspiring. She brilliantly demonstrated how simple and powerful NLP is and how easily it can be applied in any situation. Louise's background as a University Lecturer really shines through...I learnt a lot about NLP on this course and about myself!

    Marie Truxler
  • Incredibly easy techniques to learn with phenomenal results, delivered in a fun yet professional way in an engaging style which has led to instant impact

    Joanna Donelan, Recruitment Manager