Written Testimonials

We love to get feedback on our courses and here are just some of the comments made from individuals about their training

  • This course has been a fantastic and life changing experience. It has challenged me further than I could have imagined and would recommend it to everyone

    Ebony-Jewel Rainford-Brent, England Women's Cricketer, Sky Sports Broadcaster
  • This was a course that I was able to put straight into action - into my everyday life as well as working practise. The Home Learning was a great starting point to build a basis foundation and go into the course with confidence!

    Kate Green, National Lead for Personal Development & Welfare, England and Wales Cricket Board
  • Brilliant! I can't believe that Ihave learned so much about myself, my players and my mind! This stuff is invaluable to sport and I only hope that more coaches and staff get access to it. Thanks a million - UEFA A here I come!!

    J.M. - Football Coach
  • Very interesting material delivered at a good pace with outstanding relevance to high performance sport, in a safe learning environment. The course content and the experience and teaching style adopted by Louise have made a significant impact on my thoughts and feelings towards my role as a PD and how I interact with athletes and coaches to improve performance.

    John Anderson, Peformance Director, Olympic Programme, British Canoe Union
  • Thank You! This course turned my life around in more ways than you can know! Failing marriage, work really not great and the only good thing was my coaching - my sole reason for signing up! Now there's lots of good things and I can only put it down to using what you taught us Louise and taking responsibility instead of thinking I was 's*&t at everything! I wish I'd been taught this at school - would have saved me 20 years of misery! THANK YOU AGAIN!!

    A very grateful, if somewhat embarrassed superfan!!
  • From the perspective of learning, the best investment of time I have ever made. A real privilege to be part of the most dynamic and inspiring learning experience I have ever been involved in. Louise Deeley delivered the programme with professionalism, great knowledge and understanding of the world of elite performance sport and I would highly recommend the programme to any coach who is interested in becoming better.

    Gordon Lord, Head of Elite Coach Development, England and Wales Cricket Board (... and Sportscoach UK Coach Educator of the Year 2010 - Congratulations to Gordon and the ECB!)
  • Louise has successfully rained my scepticism and enabled me to look at myself and others in an even more positive light. The power of NLP is in the application and it can only be applied if it is taught well. Louise and Inside Performance teach it expertly and with enthusiasm.

    Charlie Mulraine, Founder - Mulraine Sport
  • This NLP course has been a fascinating journey into discovering ways of improving my performance. I have no doubt that the skills and knowledge I have learned will help me enormously in my role.

    Hugh Morris, Managing Director, England and Wales Cricket Board
  • An extremely professional and valuable course, brilliantly delivered. My initial scepticism soon turned into immense satisfaction! It's made me realise how much I have to learn!

    Pauline Harrison, Coach and Consultant
  • Fascinating, engaging, thought-provoking and thoroughly enjoyable

    Keir Worth, Head of Performance – England Squash & Racketball
  • I have loved it! Such brilliant people, full of enthusiasm, it sets you up for a great experience and good learning. Having such brilliant tools and techniques that will help me so much and give me an ‘edge’ to become the Gold medallist that I have dreamed of.

    Natasha Baker, World-Class Para-Dressage Rider
  • Very positive, thought provoking and I learnt some excellent tools to add to my armoury as a coach.

    Keith Webb, Football Coach
  • A truly life changing experience! If you have ever had any doubts about yourself, then this course will provide you with the opportunity to change your thinking forever, whilst giving you the tools to help others!

    Katie Berry - Director of Participation, Middlesex Cricket
  • This NLP course was one of the significant learnings for me within all my formal education. The content and structure were excellent and I struggle to understand why it is not a core component of all coaching courses

    Dr. Adam Carey, Nutritionist, BSc, MBBChir, MA, MRCOG, NTCC Founder and CEO of CorPerformance
  • This has been an insightful, thought-provoking journey and I have enjoyed my time with Louise + Inside Performance. At times there have been challenges to my way of thinking, discoveries + understandings developed. I feel that I have come out of the course with new awareness + skills to take with me on my journey through life. Thank you very much.

    Lizzel Winter, FBHS International Team Coach + Training & Education Manager, British Eventing
  • Fantastic energy and balanced delivery that allows for all to learn at their own pace, and the individual attention brings it all together. Thoroughly enjoyable and beautifully delivered

    Malcolm Frame, Psychologist and Head of Education, Southampton FC Academy
  • Excelling in the pursuit of excellence! Hard work that is definitely worth it. Countless models that will be invaluable for both Sport and personal life. I urge you to do this course!

    Darren Warner, High Performance Coach, British Judo Association
  • Extremely interesting and intriguing. What better way to really understand how our minds really operate.

    Fiona Geaves, High Performance Coach, England Squash
  • The course was great. I enjoyed the content and with the excellent delivery it made for a very enlightening and useful experience.

    Phil West, Olympic Talent Coach, British Cycling
  • All aspects of the course have been fantastic, initiated by the trainer's style and humour. The interventions I have experienced have had a significant effect on me personally which will also impact on my professional work style and ability. Thank you for such a powerful and positive experience.

    Jenny Gratton, Olympic Talent Coach, British Cycling
  • A very enlightening course that allows you to approach issues from a different perspective. The drive to allow the unconscious to take control is one, which once trusted, is a powerful experience. I would recommend this course + Inside Performance to all educators, coaches, sportsmen and women. If you’re passionate about improving yourself and your performance (in whatever role) then you will benefit from this course.

    Christina Jacklin, Senior Lecturer in Sports Science, BASES Accredited sport & exercise Scientist (Psychology support)
  • If you want to make a real difference in sport & to your own life and those around you, Inside Performance will enable to achieve this through inspired delivery of NLP thinking & techniques that have direct relevance to the sports world. Innovative thinking for innovative results.

    Nicky Fuller, Sports Coaching & Training Consultant
  • Material challenges and forces you to re-consider, change and challenge the limitations you've held about beliefs, what you can do and what others can do. This has given me a completely fresh and exciting outlook.

    Bruce Lyon, UK Sport
  • Comprehensive course content, new and challenging practical skills, engaging and helpful course tutor and most all extremely thought provoking.

    Arran Peck, Strength and Conditioning Coach, English Institute of Sport
  • A fantastic learning experience which I thoroughly enjoyed. It will be a huge benefit to my future work.

    Mary Logue, Irish U18 National Hockey Coach
  • The course gives you real, working techniques that make an impact to a person's life, should they require it. The larger amount of opportunities to practice the various techniques allow you to experience being practitioner and client and helps you to learn things about yourself that you never thought were there!

    Richard Bedbrook, ICC Europe, Regional Development Officer
  • An excellent course; well prepared, insightful, excellent delivery. Exhausting in a thoroughly enjoyable way!

    Caroline Robertson, Exercise Physiologist
  • Transformational - an exceptional high quality NLP course.

    Michelle MacNaughton, Ex international hockey player and trainee Sports Psychologist
  • Excellent course, very informative, explanations and patience very good.

    Maggie Squires, Great Britain Archery Coach (Jnr)
  • From a sceptic to a believer

    Carts, Squash Coach
  • A wonderful insight into sports psychology giving material that enables the practitioner to work and improve an athlete on the shop floor. Having been the client many times throughout the course, I can assure you that these techniques work

    Kevin Sharp
  • NLP has opened my mind to how sport psychology can be so effective with simple tools and techniques. The personal impact has been phenomenal and the way I work live and play has changed forever.

    Caroline Atkins, World Cup Winner and Cricket Coach
  • The course content was good, the delivery style was excellent, built good rapport within the group. About 70-80% of this content I will definitely use - Thanks.

    Bill Baillie, High Performance Coach, British Handball Association
  • I found the course very helpful in giving me new skills and techiques for coaching now, and in the future. Although it is an intensive nine days, Louise's presentation skills made it a good experience. Thank you!

    Nick Turner, British Eventing Accredited Coach
  • This course has given me the tools and ideas to improve my personal life which will in turn influence everyone I interact with in a positive way

    Jeremy Hayes, Olympic Talent Coach, BMX
  • I found the course thought provoking, challenging and rewarding on a personal and professional level

    David Hamer, World Class Para-Dressage Start and Potential Discipline Co-ordinator
  • This NLP is mind blowing stuff If people have an open mind, I am 100% convinced this will change their lives.

    Wayne Noon, Assistant Manager, Nottinghamshire Cricket Club
  • A very enjoyable experience that I have no doubt will help my personal development and with it I hope Hampshire Cricket and staff

    Giles White, Hampshire Cricket Manager
  • An excellent course to help coaches and leaders become more effective and to help others to succeed.

    Andy Tennant, Head of Peformance, Cricket Scotland
  • My experience with Inside Performance has been of the highest quality. It's delivered with thought, fun and reflection in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend anyone with ambition to help deliver and develop excellence to attend this course.

    Andy Siddal, Head Coach for Cricket, Leeds Met Carneige
  • Louise Deeley demystified the science of NLP in a simple and easy ways to understand and has given us more tools to use.

    Tim Boon, Head Coach, EDP
  • Great opportunity to gain new self awareness and develop appropriate strategies to support and encourage individuals to unlock their potential. Wonderful experience of accessing the unconscious mind to lift the ceiling on personal development.

    Paul Shaw, High Performance Coach, ECB
  • Inside Performance have been very professional and friendly in their approach. They do exactly what they state. The learning and development experience was first class and the outcome for me has been life changing.

    Richard Wrighton, Independent Social Worker
  • A thoroughly enjoyable course, life altering for me, expelled some personal demons and set my life back onto a more positive and enjoyable path. Apart from learning the skills, the personal benefit it has brought me is immeasurable.

    Martin Prickett, PE Co-ordinator, Reddings School
  • NLP has given me a more comprehensive understanding of how our body filters information. ‘How’ things happen have never been explained in normal psych work. In sport, life, business total well being and everything we do.... NLP make us better.

    Martin Wood, Personal Development & Welfare Coach
  • A powerful and intensive experience that has enabled me to raise my personal performance to a significantly higher level.

    Chris Lee, Director, CDL Development Ltd
  • Maximizing my potential starts with my mind, NLP thought me that!

    Mats Johansen, Founder of Robust Performance
  • I personally found the course one where I enjoyed the experience more and more as I went on. My appreciation lengthened when I could see the value grow and grow. The relationships grew strength to strength and it also provided a strong positive feeling I have.

    No name provided
  • I’m a massive fan of the principles of NLP – I think if more people learnt about this powerful way of thinking, then we would have much better communication streams.

    Aldo Logan, Entrepeneur & Life Coach
  • An excellent course to expand anyone's NLP 'tool box' and a real eye opener. Thoroughly enjoyable and I couldn't recommend it enough! A great laugh as well.

    Will Quin - Cricket Player Manager
  • Just do it... stop procrastinating and just do it... you won't regret it.

    Karl Stevenson, Sport & Exercise Science Consultant
  • The NLP for sport course is easily the best and most useful training course I have attended. Not only did I learn more about myself, I learnt more about how I can work with and understand people better in a day to day function as well as in a business capacity..

    Tom Duggan, Talent Pathway Manager
  • The Sports Practitioner course is an amazing life experience and one that I would recommend thoroughly to anyone receptive to the power of the mind. The impact it has had on me and my players is significant.

    Mike Bohndiek, Coaching and Mentoring Manager MCB
  • Louise Deeley / Inside Performance have provided a thoroughly professional, warm, friendly and insightful environment in which to learn. I thoroughly recommend their courses to anyone with an interest in better supporting the people with whom they work.

    Jeremy Frith - Performance Director Guernsey Sports Commission
  • I would urge anyone in a management role to undertake this programme. It will make you think carefully about how you think feel and behave, not only about yourself, but also the people around you. If you embrace NLP to the full, I guarantee you and your team will notice an immediate uplift in performance.

    Mary Pat Moore. Business Advisor
  • This training is very practical with a variety of techniques and tools that are significantly applied in sports. I became more confident as a Sports Developmental Coach in Indonesia.

    Donny Herdianto, Sports Development Coach, Indonesia
  • Hand on heart, this has helped my business no end! I did it as a voluntary football coach and found I was using it at work as the owner of a small franchise in Brum! Apart from the content, what I really enjoyed was working with the other delegates 'cos we all mucked in together! Hard work but worth every minute!

    Steve Eccles, Director and Football Coach
  • I started the NLP Sports Practitioner online course earlier in the year 2018, after the first module I was captured. I found the content fascinating and the methods to learn the content covered every aspect of my learning style. From a support and response perspective, all the staff at Inside Performance were professional and extremely helpful. I found doing the 3 days at the end really worked for me to cement in the techniques and cover any questions from my learning that I needed to clarify. All in all the course was perfect for my needs and I now feel I can start my new career in NLP Sports. I have booked further courses with Inside Performance which is a sentiment to how fantastic Louise Deeley is as a trainer and how Inside Performance is the best in this field of expertise for NLP in Sport. Thank you Louise and all your team for a mind blowing experience. See you on the next course

    Clare x, UK
  • I was already trained as an NLP practitioner previously with another company and wanted to add sport to my work areas as an additional stream. The videos of the live training were very informative and I saw NLP from a different (and better I add!) perspective. It really assisted my understanding of applying NLP with sports people far more than I thought it would and my only regret is that it took me two years to sign up! Thank you Louise and your team, your course and your levels of support is a credit to you all!

    Sandra Pearson, Northumberland, UK
  • …. The best training I have ever done. The course is fascinating, practical and very tailored to enable the individual to get the most out of the course both personally and professionally. Louise’s style is very flexible and engaging ….

    Antonia Sharp - Mental Performance Coach for Youth Tennis