Underpinned by science …

With all the pressure to perform, and the expectations of modern day living, it’s never been more important than now to make sure we are finding the balance between activity and rest.

Finding ways to enhance our daily performance; giving us the energy and vitality to enjoy work and play and generally to make a positive and conscious decision to choose the thoughts, feelings and actions that will make an impact on the things we do in our lives.

Brought to life with the inspiration of art …

We all have 24 hours in our day, so making the most of those hours is essential if we want to meet our work goals, enjoy a rich and varied social life and blossom and bloom in our family environment.

Managing Stress, Enhancing Recovery¬†and participating in Exercise & Activity – all key essentials to individual and corporate wellness ~ and there’s ways and means of striking a balance without feeling like all the joy has been sucked out of life!

Using World Class Technology

Let’s begin with the Firstbeat lifestyle assessment. Whether you’re an individual wanting to check out the impact of your stress, your exercise levels or whether you’re getting enough good quality sleep, to an organisation caring for their workforce’s well-being, it all starts here!

Gaining knowledge about what creates stress situations, or whether you’re recovering enough to deal with whatever life throws at you is a key starting point for anyone wanting to develop professionally, and be motivated and well at the same time. This is your platform to facilitate effective thinking, creative innovation and energy and vitality to develop, build and sustain the key leadership attributes we all can possess – regardless of what your ‘job title’ may be.

The impact on organisations

Using Firstbeat technologies to bring to life what’s happening for each individual employee, as well as offering an anonymised group report for teams of 7 or more, we can help you ensure your workforce is supported to make the best lifestyle choices for them.

By a combination of individual assessments, fun and educational workshops, and one-to-one or group coaching, employees can choose what changes, if any, would benefit them most, resulting in enhanced well-being and resilience, reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.

This not only benefits the person, it reflects positively on the employer too – after all, who wouldn’t want to give their all if they feel supported, energised and enthusiastic about their life!

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