Working with Fears and Phobias (DVD)


This working with fears and phobias DVD offers the viewer the chance to observe a full length session of how we can use a mixture of NLP and Psychology techniques in removing a long term balloon phobia.



This session takes our client from not being able to even be in a room with balloons to walking out of the session holding onto one! Demonstrating many NLP techniques including;

  • assessing where the client is with the problem;
  • sensory acuity and rapport skills;
  • language patterns;
  • Milton and Meta Model questioning;
  • scrambling sub modalities;
  • Fast Phobia Model;
  • re-framing and future pacing.

This DVD offers a fascinating insight into how an individual constructs, encodes and defines their internal thinking and external behaviour around their phobia. It also provides the opportunity to observe a session as it happens, clearly demonstrating how you can meld different techniques and processes to shake up someone’s model of the world to produce a different outcome and is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in using NLP to great effect.