NLP Team PlayerWhat can we offer the greatest assest in any company? The People?

A blended approach to your learning and development activity. We seek to build long term relationships and work in partnership with our clients in order to help them developmentally grow, to be confident and to contribute to a culture where people feel empowered, motivated and driven to succeed.

Based on the success in developing high performing support professionals in elite sport, forward thinking businesses, wanting to develop ‘elite’ performers in the workplace take our expertise in learning, development and professional performance coaching and apply these same principles to achieve greater success and results for their managers and leaders in the business world.

Work revolves around “Development”, “Growth” and “Achievement”, using a blend of learning activities such as group training, workshops and individual or team coaching. Remote coaching using appropriate technology, webinar and e-learning options ensures flexibility, efficiency and a global reach.

We spend time with you, developing programmes of learning that take into account the culture of your organisation, the needs of your employees and the time and budgets you have to spend – whether you are a small business with a handful of staff or a large organisation that needs to consider how delivery can be scaled for optimum time spent ‘off the job’.

The Organisation …

Working with people throughout the organisation or groups of leaders.

The Team …

Facilitating teams within an organisation to help them with challenges, projects and adding that outsider perspective!

The Individual …

Ensuring senior leaders and executives, stay ‘fit for purpose’, sharp, focused and challenged is critical to the success of the organisation. Effective developmental coaching, addressing the unique needs of the individual plays a valuable role in supporting both the individual and the organisation they work for.

  • Coaching to challenge, clarify thinking, stimulate ideas and solutions
  • Coaching to achieve goals and overcome specific issues
  • Coaching through reassurance, by being a sounding board and a confidential, safe outlet
  • Coaching to stay fit and healthy through the use of tools such as the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment for Corporate Wellness

A thought to ponder!

Your people are your business. Happy people = happy business.

Doesn’t take a genius to work out that a company is only a company because of the people that give their ideas, their thoughts and their heart. Look after them well, and they’ll do the same for you!

Client Feedback

“Louise has successfully rained my scepticism and enabled me to look at myself and others in an even more positive light. The power of NLP is in the application and it can only be applied if it is taught well. Louise and Inside Performance teach it expertly and with enthusiasm.” Charlie Mulraine, Founder – Mulraine Sport

“Within 6 months the coaching programme had helped a group of disenchanted, jaded and uncertain managers to generate the impetus to move forward as a focussed and rejuvenated team” Passenger Focus

“Back at work, I’m behaving differently. For a start I’m much more confident in my role and the way I approach things” Reed Elsevier

“What a buzz I got at the end of it, I have a whole new approach. I feel so very differently and I am so much more positive about my job” Estée Lauder

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