Home Learning Programme (HLP)

NLP and Sports Psychology Home Learning

  • When you want results immediately
  • Working at your pace, in your time … where ever and when ever you want

What is it?

The FULL NLP for Sport Practitioner Course on 13 CDs, 3 DVDs and two Manuals so that you can work through the material at your own pace, to gain knowledge and experience to apply, either as an athlete/player or a coach/support professional.

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Why this instead of live training?

  • When there just aren’t enough hours in your schedule to take part in a 9-day training course
  • You want the exact same course material at a fraction of the course cost
  • You like learning in the comfort of your own home
  • Be able to take the pack wherever you go or learn even while on your daily commute
  • You learn by reading, seeing and hearing with specific instructions on how to practice your skills
  • You want effective personal development that works for you and your schedule

This is the ONLY sport focused NLP Home Learning Pack available today, designed for ease of use and maximum results. Fit the program easily in your schedule, start learning and using the techniques within days.

HLP Products 4How does it work?

The core of your learning comes from the 290 page NLP Sport Manual giving you step-by-step instructions and information on the theory, exercises and processes included. To facilitate your learning you have:

  • 3 DVDs visually demonstrating the techniques in action
  • 13 audio CDs helping you continue your learning everywhere you go
  • A Workbook structuring your learning and is filled with additional information, exercises, tips and practice methods

Download HLP Content preview (PDF)

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