I’m Stressed!

I’m Stressed!

We’re all so used to saying or hearing ‘I’m stressed’, it’s no wonder we’ve lost sight of the fact that stress isn’t always a bad thing!

In fact, in many ways stress is a positive thing: it helps energise & gets us going; it spurs us on to achieving our goals & it definitely helps with both sport & business performance.

How we react to stress is often about perception & labels.

What & how we think are major factors around the direction stress may take us: does it mobilise us towards reaching a successful outcome? Or does it create feelings of ‘I want to move/do something, but I can’t’.

In times of perceived pressure our thinking can become less clear & over time we end up with maladaptive responses to what normally we’d take in our stride.

Taking time out, reflecting on our day & achievements can help, after all, life is a bit different for many of us – good and bad!

Talking things through can also help, and whilst we may not want to talk to loved ones or colleagues, there are many resources out there to call upon if you want to talk, so take the plunge and get in touch.

None of us need to be super heroes, and doing the best we can with the knowledge and know-how we have for now, is just fine.

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