Our online Sport Psychology and NLP course options offer an easy approach to developing the skills and knowledge needed to effectively work with individuals and teams in the Sport, Fitness and Performance areas.
Also ideal as a refresher for existing practitioners who've gone 'a little rusty'!
About our online course 

Because we know how busy everyone is, we designed it so:

  • Time Efficient work when you want, where you want
  • Cost Effective – save $£ on fees, travel and accommodation
  • No pressure – work to your lifestyle and time allowances
  • Unique – the 1st and ONLY online NLP course for Sport and Exercise
  • Applied - hands-on focus for working in the real world of sport
  • Immediate results - start using your new knowledge right away
  • Flexible – different packages and payment options to suit you
  • Accredited – with independent CPD points and certifications
  • World Class – training for the best, by the best

Based on key material we’ve delivered to the world’s leading Sport and Performance professionals, this course is ideal if you want:
  • practical, hands-on sport psychology and NLP
  • enhanced communication skills to better ‘read’ and understand your athletes and colleagues
  • ways to build the mental habits and attitude essential for success
  • information on how to effectively use emotional states to get the best out of each performance
  • to give yourself and your athletes that essential competitive edge

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Who is the course designed for?

Simple. Anyone working or interested in performance.

Described as ‘Pilates for the Mind’, it progressively strengthens your core knowledge and skills around how we think, the effects our feelings and emotions have on us and how, in turn, these affect how we behave. This course provides that elusive ‘glue’ that turns an average coach, aspiring leader or industry professional into a great one.

Specifically suited to:

Sports coaches, fitness professionals and personal trainers, those who work to support athletes and teams such as performance directors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and nutritionists and also athletes and performers transitioning out of sport and into new areas.

It's also really popular with sports people in the business world as this material really resonates with the key skills needed to perform in business too.

Prior knowledge is NOT required, and the material is suitable for all levels as you take what is needed for your requirements.

Why take this course?

Your reasons will be unique to you, but if it helps, here's a few things people have said to us over the years:

  • To gain practical knowledge to work with the mental aspects of sport
  • To help my athletes when they get down or feel nothing's going right
  • To find better ways to get my message across
  • To gain a competitive advantage in the jobs market
  • For promotion to new roles, requiring new 'people' skills
  • To manage the different personalities and emotions in my charges
  • To deal with pressure situations and competitive stress (me as well as my players)
  • I'm stuck in a rut and needed inspiration
  • To learn how to ‘manage up’ as well as managing my teams
  • Changing career paths and/or looking for a new challenge
  • I needed to improve my knowledge of the mental side of performance
  • Because ‘it’s interesting, stimulating and helps us think differently!

CPD Certificate Example

At Inside Performance we’ve been training the world’s best coaches, leaders and professionals for over 20 years, and we’ve taken their feedback, updated our know-how and knowledge and over the years we’ve cut bits out, added bits in and generally fine-tuned what we offer until we’ve ended up with what we think offers the most useful and stimulating material of its kind in the world!

So, biased we may be, but we didn’t get to work with the world’s best organisations and individuals for no reason … and this is why we developed this online NLP course – so we could make this knowledge and know-how available to anyone with a passion and desire to be the best they can be - whether you're a full time professional or a part time interested beginner!

Interestingly, if the covid lockdowns have taught us anything, blended learning, or the 'hybrid' approach to learning and development has not only been a 'stop-gap', it's actually proved to be really popular and successful, and so we couldn't be in a better place to offer you what you want at a time the world needs it most!

So you may be in Carlisle or Colombia, Durban or Dubai, Sydney or Santa Monica, but as long as you can get on the internet, you have access to the best practical knowledge and skills for this area in the world - now that can't be bad!

What will I learn?

Although there's lots of information in the course, it's broken down into easily managed chunks so you can start applying what you're learning straight away. Here's just some of the areas we cover;

  • What is NLP and Psychology and why it's important for everyone involved?
  • How can I harness the power of the mind to help myself and others perform more consistently and productively?
  • What do I say at those 'difficult' times? And how do I say it?
  • How can I use my communication skills more effectively for relationship building and great team work?
  • How do I ask great questions, open up closed mind-sets and find solutions when we're stuck?
  • What can I do to build a culture of responsibility, positivity and success?
  • How can we develop the 'right' attitudes, behaviours and beliefs in our younger athletes and teams?
  • Exploring creative ideas and thought-provoking approaches to push yourself in your sport, coaching and career
  • Finding more effective ways of working with mental rehearsal and pre performance routines
  • How to help athletes overcome loss, upset and feelings of failure
  • Building resilience and mental strength for what lies ahead
  • Set goals you know you will achieve
  • Basically utilise the opportunities the mind offers us all, and live up to your full potential … in Sport … Business … Life

… plus much, much more

For more details, request our brochure via the form on this page.

What course options are there?

To help you decide, it's worth knowing that Options One and Two are the same core course, but they offer different things based on YOUR requirements around assessment and CPD recognition, The third option is our full certification, blended learning (hybrid) approach (see HERE for more information).

Option One

The 'no frills' approach: No assessments, no pass mark, no hassle. The stripped down, no frills approach. Ideal if you simply want the knowledge and have no need or desire for certificates or accreditation. (or you're already a practitioner wanting an update or to add sport to your knowledge bank!)

Option Two

The 'CPD accreditation' approach: Where measurement of your progress and CPD accreditation is important to you, but you've not decided if you want to go the whole way yet.

  • Option 1
    'No Frills'
  • tick-box 12 Core Modules
  • tick-box 18+ Hours Video
  • tick-box 7+ Hours Audio
  • tick-box Optional Quizzes
  • tick-box Technical Support
  • tick-box Access 12 months
  • tick-box Ideal as a refresher
  • cross-box Completion Certificate
  • cross-box Accredited CPD Points
  • cross-box ABNLP Certification
  • cross-box Mentoring Sessions¹
  • cross-box MP3 Downloads¹
  • Option 2
    'CPD Accreditation'
  • tick-box 12 Core Modules
  • tick-box 18+ Hours Video
  • tick-box 7+ Hours Audio
  • tick-box Assessments
  • tick-box Technical Support
  • tick-box Access 12 months
  • tick-box Ideal as a refresher
  • cross-box Completion Certificate
  • cross-box Accredited CPD Points
  • cross-box ABNLP Certification
  • cross-box Mentoring Sessions¹
  • cross-box MP3 Downloads¹

¹ Optional Extras

Other FAQs

These are online, internet access courses, for all modern desktop and laptop computers. Please see the technical requirements and other frequently asked questions in the ‘Online Courses’ tab in the FAQs.

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Or why not get some hands on experience with our FREE taster course? Sign up for a free account, to immediately sample a taster of our course.

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"This training is very practical with a variety of techniques and tools that are significantly applied in sports. I became more confident as a Sports Developmental Coach in Indonesia." Donny ~ Sports Developmental Coach, Indonesia

"Truly inspirational learning, brought to life by an incredibly talented coach. Transformational thinking, authenticity and effective learning techniques that will impact performance for success!" Hayley Monger, UK

"I started the NLP Sports Practitioner online course earlier in the year 2018, after the first module I was captured. I found the content fascinating and the methods to learn the content covered every aspect of my learning style.  From a support and response perspective, all the staff at Inside Performance were professional and extremely helpful. I found doing the 3 days at the end really worked for me to cement in the techniques and cover any questions from my learning that I needed to clarify.  All in all the course was perfect for my needs and I now feel I can start my new career in NLP Sports. I have booked further courses with Inside Performance which is a sentiment to how fantastic Louise Deeley is as a trainer and how Inside Performance is the best in this field of expertise for NLP in Sport. Thank you Louise and all your team for a mind blowing experience. See you on the next course."  Clare x, UK

"Hello, thanks for a fantastic eLearning course! The content was really good and very explicit! I have learned a lot!" Ann-Jeanette Kälebo, Sweden

"I was already trained as an NLP practitioner previously with another company and wanted to add sport to my work areas as an additional stream. The videos of the live training were very informative and I saw NLP from a different (and better I add!) perspective. It really assisted my understanding of applying NLP with sports people far more than I thought it would and my only regret is that it took me two years to sign up! Thank you Louise and your team, your course and your levels of support is a credit to you all!" Sandra Pearson, Northumberland, UK

"This is a great course - thorough, engaging and really well thought out. The videos made it all seem real, and I have got tons of practical skills to work as a coach." Antonio Walkden, Adelaide, Australia

"Totally awesome course and great for a full time Mom and soccer coach. Being able to go online when I wanted fitted in with school, work and coaching and I didn't need to take time out. Worth every dime!" Jacent Noel, Chicago, Illinois, USA

"I thought this course was expensive, but having wasted money on cheap download versions I know why they were cheap!  This is a well thought out, professional course packed with information, practical ideas and varied teaching - just as they teach us to be as sports coaches. I really enjoyed it and it was worth every penny I spent!" Trevor S ~ Coach, Dad to 4 footie mad boys and loving how NLP helps both!

"This course has really added to my NLP know-how, and has has also given me a new outlet to work with sports and fitness. Thank you". J.D., Northants, UK

"Just completed Option Two and I'm hooked! Going to fly over next year for the f-2-f with you and I can't wait!" Sofie from Miami x, USA

"Although I prefer live training, (and the UK a long way to go!) I found this course a good substitute as the videos were very real, and the suggestions for application helpful. I have used it with my players and I'm seeing a change in my results, so I'm glad I came across you." Peter Morris, Wellington, NZ