"…. The best training I have ever done. The course is fascinating, practical and very tailored to enable the individual to get the most out of the course both personally and professionally.  Louise’s style is very flexible and engaging …."

Antonia Sharp - Mental Performance Coach for Youth Tennis (Oct 2021)

About this course

This six month programme combines our Sport Psychology and NLP online training course with live seminars and tutorials designed to provide the flexibility of online training with the support of tutor led sessions throughout.

When does it start and what's the schedule?

For details of specific course dates and times please drop an email to rachel@inside-performance.com 

Who is the course for?

Anyone interested in developing the essential skills used by the worlds top Sport and Business Professionals to enhance performance and maximise potential in the Sport and Business field.

How does it work?

Each month you will have access to online materials: videos, audio, slides with practical tools and activities.

A pre-scheduled four hour 'live' online seminar each month (7 in total) with lead psychologist, Louise Deeley, will provide the opportunity to discuss in greater detail your module learning, provide additional insights and working examples and answer any questions you may have, allowing you to tailor your learning to your specific needs. You will participate in online practical activities to strengthen the hands-on skills needed to work with athletes, clients and colleagues in both a sport and business context and you will have tasks and activities to do individually to deepen your experience.

All learners are allocated to small (max 4 people) tutorial groups. Here you work with fellow delegates to discuss material, generate ideas around learning and support each other through the process. Each group has a monthly online tutorial with Louise for more detailed and personal Q & A and feedback from previous courses tells us this is one of the most valued aspects as the personalised level of attention available to learners is, and we quote .... " second to none ...." (October cohort 2021)

Recent changes to learning and development after covid lockdowns have demonstrated that the future of workplace and Continuing Professional Development lies in a blended or 'Hybrid Approach'. Flexible, Cost-Effective and most importantly, you can complete your learning anywhere in the world and online modules can be completed at anytime, day or night!

Taking advantage of this, your knowledge increases month to month, allowing you to build your skill-set as you go along and with the support and motivation of your tutor, your fellow students for discussion, practice and support,  you have an end date to aim for and a structured and supported learning plan as you go along.

Of course, we know life happens, so if you have to miss a session for some reason, they can be recorded so you won't miss out on the learning.

At the end of the six months there will be an optional 3 day face to face training which will provide you with the opportunity to hone your practical application, share ideas and experiences and deepen your understanding and knowledge with the guidance of your trainers.

Is it only for people in the Sport and Fitness world?

No. Everyone can do this course and benefit from it. We use material from our Sport Psychology and NLP online course, however unless you HATE sport (then we're clearly not the development company for you), what we teach applies to all contexts and backgrounds and everyone who has trained with us outside of sport agrees!

We cover all of the mainstream NLP syllabus, plus additional material from sport and performance psychology, neuroscience, physiology and behavioural science with many people from areas inside and outside of sport attending our courses.


Upon successful completion of the course, including monthly attendance at seminars and tutorials, completion of the online modules and attendance at the 3 days face to face, you will receive your certification as an NLP Practitioner, which is approved by Inside Performance, ABNLP and also the CPD Standards Board who have independently verified our online learning, so your certification will be recognised where ever in the world you want to use it. You will also be eligible to go onto further levels of training in NLP.

Eligibility for the course

You don't need prior learning in NLP or have any specific academic qualifications, however you do need motivation and commitment and a growth mindset. To make sure this is the right course for you, please CONTACT US and we can arrange a time to have a chat, ask all your questions and find out more about this exciting opportunity to learn some of the tools and techniques essential for high performance within the sport and business arena with one of the leading training companies for NLP and Performance in the world!

What's the cost?

Contact rachel@inside-performance.com and she'll let you know the best price, payment options including spreading your payments out, plus you can have a chat to find out if the course is for you!

Remember, you'll lose nothing by getting in touch to have a chat, but if you don't, you'll never know just how much you will have missed so get in touch NOW as places are limited and you don't want to miss out!

" ... I have really enjoyed and benefitted from the online course/seminars and will continue to work on putting the techniques I’ve learned into practice ... "

Sheila Hawkins - Cricket Coach (July 2022)

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To make sure this is the right course for you, please contact us and we can arrange a time with you to have a chat, ask all your questions and find out more about this course.

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Testimonials from clients who have taken our online course

"This training is very practical with a variety of techniques and tools that are significantly applied in sports. I became more confident as a Sports Developmental Coach in Indonesia." Donny ~ Sports Developmental Coach, Indonesia

"Truly inspirational learning, brought to life by an incredibly talented coach. Transformational thinking, authenticity and effective learning techniques that will impact performance for success!" Hayley Monger, UK

"I started the NLP Sports Practitioner online course earlier in the year 2018, after the first module I was captured. I found the content fascinating and the methods to learn the content covered every aspect of my learning style.  From a support and response perspective, all the staff at Inside Performance were professional and extremely helpful. I found doing the 3 days at the end really worked for me to cement in the techniques and cover any questions from my learning that I needed to clarify.  All in all the course was perfect for my needs and I now feel I can start my new career in NLP Sports. I have booked further courses with Inside Performance which is a sentiment to how fantastic Louise Deeley is as a trainer and how Inside Performance is the best in this field of expertise for NLP in Sport. Thank you Louise and all your team for a mind blowing experience. See you on the next course."  Clare x, UK

"Hello, thanks for a fantastic eLearning course! The content was really good and very explicit! I have learned a lot!" Ann-Jeanette Kälebo, Sweden

"I was already trained as an NLP practitioner previously with another company and wanted to add sport to my work areas as an additional stream. The videos of the live training were very informative and I saw NLP from a different (and better I add!) perspective. It really assisted my understanding of applying NLP with sports people far more than I thought it would and my only regret is that it took me two years to sign up! Thank you Louise and your team, your course and your levels of support is a credit to you all!" Sandra Pearson, Northumberland, UK

"I would urge anyone in a management role to undertake this programme. It will make you think carefully about how you think feel and behave, not only about yourself, but also the people around you. If you embrace NLP to the full, I guarantee you and your team will notice an immediate uplift in performance". Mary Pat Moore. Business Advisor, UK

"This is a great course - thorough, engaging and really well thought out. The videos made it all seem real, and I have got tons of practical skills to work as a coach." Antonio Walkden, Adelaide, Australia

"Great opportunity to gain new self awareness and develop appropriate strategies to support and encourage individuals to unlock their potential. Wonderful experience of accessing the unconscious mind to lift the ceiling on personal development". Paul Shaw, High Performance Coach, ECB

"Totally awesome course and great for a full time Mom and soccer coach. Being able to go online when I wanted fitted in with school, work and coaching and I didn't need to take time out. Worth every dime!" Jacent Noel, Chicago, Illinois, USA

"I thought this course was expensive, but having wasted money on cheap download versions I know why they were cheap!  This is a well thought out, professional course packed with information, practical ideas and varied teaching - just as they teach us to be as sports coaches. I really enjoyed it and it was worth every penny I spent!" Trevor S ~ Coach, Dad to 4 footie mad boys and loving how NLP helps both!

"This course has really added to my NLP know-how, and has has also given me a new outlet to work with sports and fitness. Thank you". J.D., Northants, UK

"Just completed Option Two and I'm hooked! Going to fly over next year for the f-2-f with you and I can't wait!" Sofie from Miami x, USA

"Although I prefer live training, (and the UK a long way to go!) I found this course a good substitute as the videos were very real, and the suggestions for application helpful. I have used it with my players and I'm seeing a change in my results, so I'm glad I came across you." Peter Morris, Wellington, NZ