What could you do with just 14 days of your life...?

  • go to work ... as usual ...
  • lie on a beach reading a book ... nice whilst it lasts ...
Or maybe totally change your life ... for ever ...?

Do you want to:

  • Advance your practitioner NLP with a highly focused and dedicated team?
  • Join an elite group of practitioners who are specialists in their field?
  • Embark on a pathway for career change, enhancement or growth?

Are we saying the NLP Master Practitioner is the answer to getting your dream?

Not quite, because that will be down to you! What we are saying is that this course will seriously impact your abilities to reach that dream...

Look at some of the diverse achievements our Master Practitioners have attributed to attending this course:

  • Promotion to Head of Coaching within a large sporting organisation
  • Finding the right relationship for them - after a 15 year gap!
  • Developing a new online learning portal for their company that won them international e-learning business awards - plus promotion with a hefty salary rise!
  • A positive outcome and new career opportunities after retiring from International Sport
  • Total change-around in their personal and private life
  • Set up a new coaching and development company after uncovering their passion, confidence and path on this specific course to leave their six figure corporate position
  • Started an NLP Business Coaching company, turning over 80K in their first year
  • PLUS the clarity and understanding of NLP when you BECOME a Master Practitioner .... now what could you do with that?

Mastering the Art of NLP

Completion of the Master Practitioner course makes you a member of an exclusive group of people. People that have a deep understanding of themselves and others, as well as an incredible set of knowledge and tools that they apply to their everyday lives. This means that this small but elite group of people reach the goals they set out to achieve and enjoy a purposeful attitude towards life and its challenges. Just imagine having all that confidence, strength, focus and ability to overcome any obstacle that life throws at you. THAT is the gift we can give you in those 14 days.

What do I do now?

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But don’t just take our word for it, see what some of our clients have to say …

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Sarah McQuade on completing this course

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Stuart Barnes on why he choose to complete the NLP Master Practitioner

Course Dates and Venues

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“My experience with Inside Performance has been of the highest quality. It’s delivered with thought, fun and reflection in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend anyone with ambition to help, deliver and develop excellence to attend this course.” Andy Siddall, Performance Development Coach, Leicestershire County Cricket Club

A powerful, relevant and stimulating learning experience which enables immediate action and change. Louise’s practical style, experience and wit serve to create a 1st class learning environment. She cuts through meaningless mumbo jumbo which is sometimes associated with this subject and demonstrates the common sense, power and simplicity behind the message and the practical techniques. Thank you Steve Harrison – Performance Coach & Director – The Coaching Company Ltd

“A truly worthwhile investment which I highly recommend. Louise has a lovely style and energy, and the learning environment was structured, challenging and equally great fun” Jane Buxton, 2015

"When I signed up for the Practitioner and then Master Practitioner courses I was expecting to learn a set of skills that I could use in my new business venture. In this respect Inside Performance delivered in spades. Their approach is informal yet incredibly professional, and the other delegates reflected that too. Everyone was 100% on board and enthusiastic and I looked forward to every block. I couldn't have wished for a better "place" to learn. What I wasn't expecting was for my day to day thinking and approach to be fundamentally altered and this has impacted not only my life but the lives of those around me. I've absorbed more than I realise and have a reignited thirst for learning and improving. It sounds like a cliche but this really has been life changing." Emma Watson

"This course is life changing. After years of courses that have failed to inspire this one really delivers. Louise is an excellent trainer that makes learning fun and interesting. Everyone on the course got on well and I am sure we will keep in touch for many years to come. Simply excellent!!" Trevor Donald, Sales Director, AlterG Europe Ltd

"An extremely professional and valuable course, brilliantly delivered. My initial scepticism soon turned into immense satisfaction! It's made me realise how much I have to learn!" Pauline Harrison, Coach and Consultant

“This course was thoroughly engaging, immensely interesting and potentially life changing. Makes you reflect on and change your own beliefs and behaviours and in turn help you to work with others on changing their beliefs, values and behaviours and ways of working. The course was managed and presented brilliantly with brilliant people participating.” No name provided

Master Practitioner Testimonials