What’s going to help you get where you want?

Despite years of working in ‘Performance Sport’, we know that our clients make greater changes when we work with them in a developmental way.

Everyone is different, and as such, coaching needs to be flexible, client focused and working to support change from within.

We know that values, beliefs, the way someone talks to themselves and others, unconscious habits and previous experience all has a inpact on what drives their outer behaviour.

What is Developmental Coaching?

Here, we’re using the clients own inner map of the world – the mindset, emotions, beliefs and language that each one of us has, and we work alongside them to change things from the inside, rather than just performance coaching which tends to be a linear, ‘what do I want, what are the stages to get there, make a plan, let’s go from A to B’ approach.

Great if you want to build a circuit board, not so great if you want to help someone with evolving the thinking and expressing that is needed in today’s changing society and culture.

With developmental coaching we both educate and coach; explaining some of the principles and reasoning that we work from, so that the coaching process expands thinking as well as challenging it, giving the client a more in-depth awareness of the process and evolution taking place.

Want to know more?

We work both with individials and with teams to developmentally, so please Contact Us by email or telephone if you’d like an informal chat to discover if what we offer suits what you need. 020 8399 3318