Ben Stokes – T20 game-changer

Six Six Six Six ….. ouch! A game-changer in many ways!

Yes, England lost the final (or did the Windies win it?) but the real memory for this will be the final over for Ben …

There has been a mass of writing about this and the media clearly love a situation like this as it sells papers ….

And what about Ben?

Headlines such as ‘Ben Chokes’ from the red tops only serves to misconstrue what happens in sport – this wasn’t a case of ‘choking’ in the mental sense … this was a case of a West Indies team, particularly Braithwaite who had nothing to prove and everything to gain …. taking his chances (and with only 6 balls left, what else can you do??) … the W.I. won and England lost.

That’s sport.

But what about the human element?

Ben Stokes was immense throughout, will be immense again and once there is some other poor b**ger to be on the end of the media’s vitriol will start the process of letting it go and focusing on what he is truly good at.

Was this World Cup Final a Game Changer for Ben Stokes?

Yes it was … and if he pays attention to what needs to be done to put it in the past and take the lessons … history will show that it was … and for all the right reasons …

BBC article – Ben Stokes: How to find redemption after World Twenty20