Hypnosis in Sport

Hypnosis in Sport

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Hypnosis is a fascinating and frequently misunderstood subject. It is not the submissive state that many people think it is from movies, stage shows and misinformation.

It is a progressive mental training technique that allows individuals the opportunity to channel attention and sharpen focus so that they can concentrate solely on the task at hand.

It can relax your body and mind and help you to control unwanted negative thoughts and emotions.

Hypnosis allows you to get into an optimum psychological state so that you can mentally rehearse future goals such as success in sport, confidence in business, or reaching your fitness & weight loss targets.

More and more we are seeing hypnosis and guided imagery being used to great effect in areas such as Sport Performance, with world class athletes Jonny Wilkinson, Jean-Claude Killy, Andre Agassi, Wayne Rooney, and Lennox Lewis all publicly acknowledging the importance of mental training to improve performance – and no-one can deny the success Wigan FC have had – maybe that’s why the Mexican National Team employed a hypnotherapist to help with their preparation for the World Cup!

In Sport, hypnosis can help athletes of all levels with areas such as confidence, focus and improving ‘closed’ skills such as serving in tennis, conversion kicking in Rugby and penalty kicks in football.

Athletes and Sports people often talk about being ‘in Flow’ or ‘In the Zone’. Being in a hypnotic trance has been likened in many ways to being in Flow. Starting to incorporate hypnosis into your regular training programme can therefore have the effect of assisting you to achieve the elusive flow state on a more regular basis, thus facilitating the right mental state and emotions to be able to perform at your optimum.

Developing and delivering mental training for all sporting bodies is where Inside Performance fills the gap of what it takes to be ‘The Champions’ – not simply the development of mental strength and flexibility of players, but the development of mental strengths and flexibility of those around them – making the difference between a good team and a great team!
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