What is Time Line Therapy?

What is Time Line Therapy?

Training in Time Line Therapy®

Consider for a moment…

  • are there things in your life that you want to do, but for some reason you never quite take the step towards doing them?
  • Maybe it feels like ‘something’ is holding you back, and you don’t quite believe you can really achieve what you are capable of?
  • Or perhaps you feel burdened by outbursts of anger or periods of sadness that cloud your judgement and affect the way you act around others? You could even be one of many people who believe ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I don’t deserve to be happy’?

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Time Line Therapy for Professionals

For those working in the business of personal and professional change and development, you may be looking for additional tools to assist you with clients that struggle with the above?

Maybe you’re a life or business coach, a sports coach or psychologist or possibly considering options for a career change – whatever your reasons, Time Line Therapy® training will add to your success rate without doubt……

Time Line Therapy™ Techniques

Time Line Therapy™ is a process that helps us to let go of unwanted negative emotions from the past.  Emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, and guilt can often stay with us, unwanted reminders of events in our past, and when they are not released can contribute to a variety of health problems, both physical and mental

Time Line Therapy™ techniques help individuals let go of those emotions, so they can live more freely on a day to day basis, benefiting health by removing some of the risk factors for ill health that unwanted negative emotional states can bring

Time Line Therapy™ is also a process to free people of negative beliefs and decisions made in the past, those beliefs and decisions that get in the way of what you want to do and achieve now. By leaving them back in the past, where they belong, we can learn from the experiences gained, and using that knowledge, we can choose alternative thoughts and behaviours for a happier and healthier way of life

Once the negative emotions and limiting decisions and beliefs from your past are resolved, we then go on to use Time Line Therapy™ techniques to help create future dreams, outcomes and goals. Day dreaming about how your future could be is a vital part of being human, as these are the times we are creative and enthusiastic about the positive changes we could make in our lives

Changes such as improving our health and well-being, nurturing and developing our relationships, or making changes to our careers and work time to allow for a better quality of life. Time Line Therapy™ techniques can help you utilise your imagination to create a future that is right for you, a future that is compelling and leads you towards the successful attainment of the dreams you want to achieve

Time Line Therapy™ was created by Dr. Tad James in the 1980’s. Since then, many people have been trained in the use and application of this therapeutic tool, and have been able to create thorough and lasting change in thousands of clients worldwide. The model that is Time Line Therapy® is based on the age long notion of how human beings have an understanding of Time, and the role Time has to play in our storage of memories, and how these memories are organised.  Time has a major role to play for individual personalities, and as such, we, as human beings are influenced in many ways by Time and how this affects how we look at, and feel about different situations and events in our lives, both past and future

Training in Time Line Therapy®

We look at how we unconsciously store our memories and have a time-based understanding of when different events took place, such as knowing our 6th birthday was 10 years before our 16th, and being able to tell the difference between events that are past memories and outcomes we want in our future.  This concept of time-based storage is what we call the ‘Time Line’

By training in Time Line Therapy Techniques with Inside Performance you will learn:

  • Eliciting the Time Line. Discovering the direction and location of the client’s Time Line
  • Taking a Detailed Personal History. The more you know about a client, the better the intervention can be
  • Discovering the Root Cause or First Event for a Negative Emotion or Limiting Decision
  • Releasing a Negative Emotion. (Including:  anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt
  • Removing a Limiting Decision. (Including “I’m not good enough”, “I can’t make enough money”, or “I can’t have a great relationship”.)
  • Changing the Direction/Location of the Time Line. (Switching from In Time to Through Time or vice versa.)
  • Creating Your Future® (Putting an event in the client’s future in a way that creates it happening.)

You will then be able to use these techniques with your clients to help them make positive changes in their life quickly and effectively. All NLP practitioners understand that change does not occur at the conscious level (go on, try it, see if you can change an unwanted behaviour consciously and for it to stay changed!). For lasting change to take place easily and effortlessly, change must occur at the unconscious level, therefore this is where Time Line Therapy™ techniques are focused and work best!

Always ensure that your practitioner is trained in Time Line Therapy™ techniques and is a member of the Time Line Therapy™ Association.
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