Are you looking for quality training courses that will not only improve your effectiveness in the sport, fitness and health domains, but will improve your business and career prospects too?

If so, then you’ve arrived at the number one place for industry approved NLP Sport Courses with independent CPD recognition points

Helping you be the best you can be …

Whatever your role, our courses are designed to assist you to become more knowledgeable and effective in the  aspects of performance that hold everything together:  areas such as practical communication and relationship skills, managing emotional states, thinking effectively under pressure and techniques for getting the best out of ourselves and others.

Giving you what works …

Experience tells us that quality, timely and relevant information, that you can use straight away, without fuss, without years of hard work with your nose stuck in a book and without worrying whether you’re being fobbed off by some clever marketing, flashy website or happy clappy salesman is what our clients tell us they want. Well that’s what we deliver.

A choice about how you learn

Not everyone has the opportunity to attend in person, and there’s lots of evidence that learning on line can give you a greater sense of control over the time and rate at which you learn, and also the way in which you retain the information can be better online too … because of that, we’ve created the worlds only independently CPD accredited on-line Sport Psychology and NLP course, giving you all the information, skills and know-how you need, with all the flexibility that entails!

For some people, mixing some online with face to face, is preferred, and if that’s you, then our blended learning NLP High Performance Sport Practitioner could be as life-changing for you as they have been for many of the people that have trained with us before.

Starting with the NLP High Performance Sport Practitioner, you can then progress to become an NLP Master Practitioner as well, meaning that you have a set of tools and techniques for working with people that is second to none!

Learning with the best in the field …

There’s a fair chance somewhere along the line, someone said to you ‘if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well’ … and no more so than investing in your own personal development!

We’ve built our reputation on providing practical and informative trainings delivered by highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable trainers that are not only NLP trained, but are accredited Psychologists, Physiologists, Performance Coaches and Sport Scientists, registered with the Health Care Professionals Council and have heaps of practical and applied experience in the sport, fitness and business world!

To be the best in the field …

Another reason we feel justified in telling everyone we’re the best is that we are used by the best

Evidence of our continuing commitment to developing highly qualified professionals, coaches, and teams that can honestly describe themselves as world class – and all of this through word of mouth!

….and that includes YOU!

Although our courses are used in the elite and professional world of sport, they’re also ideal for anyone committed to their own development …. at ALL LEVELS, in ALL AREAS and across A RANGE OF ROLES … so you don’t have to be a professional in sport, or even work in sport as many people from business backgrounds join us too for this knowledge … you just have to want to be the best version of you, you can be – and that’s what these courses are all about.

Independent CPD Accreditation

CPD CertificationAs well as our word of mouth, recommendation and personal pursuit of excellence, we have submitted our courses to an independent panel of experts for scrutiny and evaluation of their suitability around the formalisation of knowledge into a structured and recognised approach to learning. The feedback we received was clear … “Very good submission – very detailed, well laid out and logical with good navigation and assessments” … fully accredited for independent CPD recognition!

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