Losing the plot …


Ever get the feeling that you’re losing the plot?  That what you thought was happening, wasn’t?  Or that what wasn’t happening, was? I think we’ve all been there at some point in our lives, and this comes down to not only how we look at things and our map of the world, but also those unconscious drivers that we have in our lives and that shape how we think and feel, and our beliefs and values about what’s really important to us in our lives. Continue reading

NLP for Armed Forces and Military Personnel

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Why is NLP for Sport Training an ideal approach for Armed Forces personnel?

Being disciplined, motivated and determined are traits that characterise professionals in the armed forces and these are key attributes for starting a new career once you leave military service.  NLP is an ideal training platform from which to launch the next phase of your professional life, whether that’s about promotion within your existing career, gaining new skills or even starting up as your own boss working in the Sport and Performance areas.

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