Competitors want to win (and they want to be healthy too!)

Competitors want to win (and they want to be healthy too!)

Competitors hate losing (against some more than others!) or feeling that someone else knows more / is better at something / is taking the opportunities they want – especially when it comes down to working in performance environments.

You’ve probably been there at some point; out-played, out-performed or just having to take a back seat because someone is just simply … better!

Sometimes, that’s life. Serena Williams will always beat me at tennis (and probably most people reading this!) and that’s an acceptable and realistic fact.

But most of us aren’t looking to be a grand slam winner.

We’re looking to get that new coaching role, or promotion to the next level.

We want to set up our own businesses or challenge for the top job.

We want something to distinguish us from the pack or find a way into a new industry or sport.

And we want to support our athletes and colleagues to perform, in a culture of healthy competitiveness, not win at any cost!

We recognise that competitiveness isn’t a dirty word, but now we know the value of not only competing against others, but competing with others, using the power of difference and cooperation.

We want new and innovative ways to support our athletes and teams, to build cohesive and highly functioning performers and we want to trust in the philosophy of ‘take care of the people and the process and the results will take care of themselves …’


Over the last 18 years, our trainees have come from across the world: from Elite Sport to Grassroots. Fitness and Exercise Professionals. Performance Directors and Leaders in their Industry. Teachers, Parent Helpers, Olympic Athletes and those on their way to getting there.

All of them learning how to change unhelpful patterns and building high performance habits around HOW to THINK, HOW to FEEL and HOW to ACT.


But it’s not just traditional approaches to performance that are key here.

The 21st century has bought a new awareness of the importance of looking after the mental health of our players, athletes and also employees. It’s no longer acceptable (if it ever was!) to have a ‘perform or bow out’ approach, but in some performance environments, the medal, cup or title was number one and the players were secondary.

Because we’ve always put the person at the centre of everything’, our courses and one-to-one work identifies the importance of relationships, understanding and promoting the human side of sport because we believe that if you truly want to get the best out of yourself and others, then you need to know what you’re doing – and this is what is central to our trainings.

In addition to sharing all our years of knowledge, experience and hands-on approaches working in elite sport and performance, we constantly add NEW tools and approaches, all designed to deal with the challenges posed in contemporary sport and business, so that when you walk away from one of our trainings, whatever your wants and needs for joining us, amongst other things, you’ll have:

  • a mindset for success based on solid beliefs
  • a greater awareness of yourself, your strengths and goals for improvement
  • a personalised plan of action to achieve your goals(s) and what you need to do to get there
  • an outstanding skill set for understanding, working with and leading others
  • skills to recognise and help with mental health issues and stress as related to performance pressures
  • incredible power over the spoken word to ask insightful questions, use respectful influence and lead through the ‘what, when and how’ of your language
  • practical techniques for managing emotions, states and (re)actions with self and others …… and pre, during and post performance routines, mental rehearsal approaches and a whole host of mental skills techniques for use in competitive sport and with high performers in business and life …

Learning interpersonal skills such as these helps us to recognise when things aren’t ‘right’ for someone. When maybe they’re struggling a bit and need some support. They give us an opening to talk about things in ways we never have before, and feel comfortable with it and it helps us to develop a coaching and mentoring environment that builds the kind of culture that really makes high performance possible.

We’ve been doing this for a long time, and it’s really great to see the things we’ve focused on for so long becoming recognised in a wider way. But there’s still more to do.

More coaches to train. More athletes and employees to support. And more healthy and happy performances to be had!

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